My last message got me thinking. Would anyone be interested if I set up an online store?

Anonymous asked:

where might one buy your buttons?? they are amazingly adorable btw

Thank you! All my buttons will be sold at Anime Revolution tomorrow for a dollar each. However, for people who don’t live near Vancouver, I’ll be ok with accepting mail orders via Paypal as well (shipping not included). Just let me know which designs you’re interested in!

I’m a bit low on stock for my previous set of of Free! buttons. It’s too late to order more. My friend owns a button maker. It makes 1.5” buttons. My designs are 1.25”.¬†Any sane person would’ve just make a 1.5” version of the same design. I went ahead and made a whole new set of buttons. Something about offering two sizes of the same design didn’t sit well with me.

So my 1.25” buttons are going to be final print. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. However, these guys will be available to fulfill anyone’s need for swimming boys.